• High-skilled process personnel have long-term practical experience in manufacturing extrusion (film, pipe) and injection items that allows us not only to provide technical support and to consult our customers but also to manufacture reprocessed beads being in demand in the said branches of production. It is possible to select the compound especially for your item.

  • Complex of equipment is not a standard one; it was specifically designed for our plant and customized for Ukrainian raw material supplies base involving European leading developments in plastic processing as well as the research results and development trends in the industry.
  • Within the frame of quality control our plant can produce test films made out of reprocessed PE beads having the width set by the customer.
  • The manufacturers of our equipment are the wide-known leaders in the field of polymer preparation and processing and have over 50 years of experience in individual projects development and implementation.
  • Processes and technology realized in our production lines are the most effective and innovative among the existing similar equipment.
  • Individual customer approach, over 15 years of experience in the polymer market including the experience of consumer are the keystones of reliable cooperation!


To provide support for the reprocessed beads manufacturing process plant the SOREMA washing line (Sorema Concern, Previero manufacturer, Italy) and EREMA beading line (Erema Concern, Austria) are used as the core equipment.

The equipment for the SOREMA washing line was designed specially for our production site with due regard to water and gas quality indices prevailing in Ukraine and feedstock characteristics. When selecting the equipment we also took into account the number of projects realized by the manufacturer in Eastern Europe and positive feedback from business customers.

The selected EREMA beading line has a unique filtration system, volatile components offtake and what is the most important – energy saving system being a special feature of the equipment. Process solutions and separate equipment unit layout ensure the final product quality. When selecting the equipment we took into account the reliability and lifetime index of the equipment used in the realized projects.

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