Ukraine’s Main Recycling Plant
Uniting Business and Care for the Environment
Polygreen — is a leading enterprise in the manufacture of second-generation polyethylene beads.
Our plant is equipped with modern EU-manufactured equipment that provides for a full range of processing and purification of polymers.
Our main equipment are a SOREMA scrubbing line manufactured by Sorema Group’s Previero Company (Italy) and 2 EREMA granulation lines manufactured by Erema Group (Austria). We have also installed extra-power filters, which make our polyethylene processing absolutely environment-friendly.
Every month, we process 800 tons of polyethylene into beads of different types, which is the best indicator in our country.
Premium-grade LDPE beads
Transparent and colorless beads; permissible film granule count: up to 10 pcs/m2. This type of polyethylene beads is used for the manufacture of thin films and transparent packaging with a thickness starting at 6.5 um.
First-grade LDPE beads
Неокрашенная в массе, с выраженным карамельным оттенком. Существует небольшое опалесценция, включение в пленку до 50 шт/м2. Используется для производства: тонкие и толстые пленки толщиной 13 микрон, трубы и кабельные изделия.
Second-grade LDPE beads
Painted mass; film granule count is not regulated. This type of polyethylene beads is used for the manufacture of thick films with a thickness starting at 20 um, as well as pipe and cable products.
Raw Materials
The mankind is reaching the stage of responsible use of resources and complete recycling of wastes, one step at a time. But at this stage we have specific requirements for the film to be processed into plastic beads.
Sell your raw materials to us
LD polyethylene film wastes (including stretch wrap wastes) must be collected by sorting enterprises from commercial sources;
The retention of foreign polymers in a volume of up to 4% that can be mechanically sorted is allowed.
Flexographic printing films with a small printing area of up to 5% are allowed
LDPE and LLDPE films can be colorless and painted and must have a thickness starting at 20 um.
Raw-material moisture must not exceed 5%.
Zero waste
The main idea of our philosophy at Polygreen is to slow down or to completely round up the life cycle of mankind's products. We strive to encourage the use of polyethylene as many times as possible. And our idea works!
In January 2021, designer Sofia Rousinovich presented her new fashion project at our Polygreen plant. This new type of fashion is also known as sustainable fashion and is characterized by the use of processed materials, the responsible use of products, and creativity. Recycling inspires the creation of such modern masterpieces and we believe that there will be even more.
Environmentally stable future
A growing demand for recycled polyethylene products and a trend of responsible consumption. What is seen as a threat to the environment is transformed into a profit for businesses.
Earnings growth
Significant savings when replacing fresh raw materials in the production with second-generation ones with the maximum preservation of product quality and consumer properties.
Additional advantages
Increasing the service life of equipment when using high-quality second-generation beads manufactured using modern equipment with a multi-stage scrubbing. This process also reduces the number of defective products.
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The use of second-generation beads in the manufacture of films significantly reduces their cost.
“We are well aware that plastic wastes are a valuable resource rather than garbage. The more they are re-used, the less our environmental footprint will be. We look forward to working with other companies that share our philosophy.”
Yuriy Golianych
General Manager Household & Recycling Biosphere Сorporation